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Transparent fees from the first meeting

In accordance with the ethical obligations of the French Order of Lawyers of the Brussels Bar, the conditions for fixing the amount of the fees are freely discussed during the first meeting and are fixed according to notably:


  • The type of procedure;

  • The time required for the due diligence to be carried out;

  • Degree of urgency ;

  • The nature of the case;

  • The complexity of the file;

  • Desired result ;

  • Costs incurred by the lawyer.


The fees remunerate the work of the lawyer itself (consultations, written opinion, telephone conversations, meetings, study of files, research, preparation of hearing notes, requests, citations, conclusions and other procedural acts, hearings and other procedures , emails, letters, etc.).


The fees can be calculated according to three methods:

  • the hourly pricing (generally applied method) ; within the framework of this method, requests for payment of provisions to be worth on the final statement of expenses and fees will be requested ; they are not necessarily representative of the state of progress of the duties nor of the height of the costs incurred on the day of the request ;

  • the package to be fixed according to various criteria before the start of the services;

  • the percentage of the financial stake in the dispute.


The administrative costs are calculated according to a flat rate, the amount of fees excluding VAT.


The other expenses(roll-call, copy of the court file, copy of the judgment, etc.)and disbursements of all kinds (translation or interpreter costs, extracts from the national register, travel outside Brussels, etc.) are charged to the customer in addition.


Since January 1, 2014, lawyers are subject to VAT, which is why the above fees will have to plus VAT (21%).

In all cases, the client can contribute to limiting the costs and fees of his lawyer, by promoting negotiation, by preparing complete files and clear notes/comments as soon as possible, by avoiding the multiplication of communications with his counsel (which can be grouped together once a week, for example), by using the telephone moderately , and instead preferring to send an email.

Master Alina FITISSENKO also intervenes within the framework of the free or partially free legal aid (former PRO DEO)for some procedures. The conditions for granting legal aid are examined with the client during the first appointment.

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